Emily 18

With posts like ĎI can hardly wait for the next setí, coupled with the fact that one member loves Em so much that he has posted 2000 times in 18 months, itís not hard to see why the critics have given Emily 18 great reviews.

The siteís average of 4 updates per month is astounding considering each shoot comprises at least 50 high-resolution photos. With nigh on 300 galleries, there is a veritable multitude of angles from which you can admire what is most intimate to Emily 18.

Whilst some of the videos go further into the heart of darkness than most men would ever want to venture, it is exciting to see that Emily is willing to fulfill most any desire expressed on her forum (and a number of interesting desires have been expressed). But donít let sexual fantasy hold you back; the forum invites all posts, including one where Emily invited members to visit the cinema with her to see the new Transformers movie. Needless to say, no one forgot to RSVP.

So if watching computer-generated animations of cars whilst sitting next to a stunning female of magnificent proportions turns you on, or you just like a girl with slightly more Gargantua than Pantagruel in the chest, Emily 18 is a great site to look up on a regular basis.